ThinkSystem is a Lenovo's new portfolio of data centre solutions designed to meet your customers' present and future needs for the data centre and software-defined infrastructure. It is the foundation for Lenovo's status as the #1 x86 server industry in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction. Our focus on performance also resulted in ThinkSystem leading the x86 server industry with 87 (88) #1 performance world records.

Powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family, ThinkSystem builds on the best of Lenovo and is designed for infrastructure upgrades that span both current and next-generation SDDC environments. With modular and agile Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio, you can deliver transformative next-gen IT infrastructure to meet virtually any customer challenge.

Download the Lenovo ThinkSystem introductory and portfolio guides to get up to speed on Lenovo’s latest data centre offerings, and understand how ThinkSystem can help deliver more value through innovations with server performance and reliability.

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