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Get Agile, Flexible and Efficient Hybrid Cloud Solutions With Microsoft Azure Stack and Lenovo

Lenovo’s solutions-led approach helps enterprises move beyond foundational gains of efficiency and productivity and unlock high-value digital business benefits such as faster innovation and increased customer engagement.

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The question for most businesses is not whether to use cloud-based technology, but instead how to make the transition, just like the movement to virtualization a decade ago. The need for agility and flexibility is driving businesses towards cloud technology because of cloud’s ability to scale up or down and change quickly.

In today’s hyper-competitive world of evolving business models, every advantage is welcome. A hybrid cloud solution from a trusted IT partner delivers many benefits for enterprises, including improved efficiency, increased reliability, better performance, enhanced data security, and accelerating innovation that propels the business into the future.

What Your Business Can Achieve With Hybrid Cloud

Control & Security
Customer data can reside in a secure location, even as applications gain from all that cloud can offer.
Makes it easier to comply with data protection regulations, with different requirements across many geographies.
Flexibility & Scalability
Elasticity of IT infrastructure allows scaling up or down when business requirements change.
Simplifies business cycles and builds a strong company.
Accelerates business processes to give an edge over the competition.
Increases productivity by simplifying tasks.
Directly improves revenues by enabling faster execution, thus improving margins and business OPEX.
Allows cost savings by reducing TCO and datacenter footprint.
Encourages business growth in new areas by lowering upfront CAPEX commitment.
Lowers the barrier to innovation by enabling easier proof of concepts and faster adaptation to market.

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How Companies are Driving Business with Hybrid Cloud

The Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is a rack-scale, pre-integrated solution that empowers organisations to deliver Azure cloud services from the security of their data center. Here are three companies that improved their performance, reduced costs, ensured better compliance, and improved customer support by using this hybrid cloud platform.

Lenovo’s vision is to create a secure and agile data center that accelerates IT delivery. Lenovo’s ThinkAgile portfolio provides transformative Next-Gen IT for software-defined infrastructure. The following case studies demonstrate how Lenovo’s Hybrid Cloud solutions help businesses to sharpen their competitive edge.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Acuutech
Acuutech is a leading IT services provider headquartered in the UK delivering Microsoft-based solutions via cloud-hosted services and integrated hybrid solutions to over 500 clients worldwide.

Business Challenges

  • Standing out in their competitive market required highly reliable yet cost-effective services, lower datacenter costs, improved scalability, and enhanced performance.
  • Their software-defined storage solution was difficult to configure and maintain.
  • Adding new nodes and stabilising the configuration was a complicated process that took 3-4 months to complete.

The Enabling Solution

Acuutech used Lenovo’s System x3650 M5 servers, and RackSwitch G8272 switches to sharpen its competitive edge. This powered performance, reliability, and cost improvements in its hybrid cloud service offerings.

Business Benefits

  • Acuutech can now offer attractive prices for its cloud services including rapid, reliable, and flexible storage services. Clients can unlock the benefits and the real power of software-defined storage.
  • Lenovo and S2D now enable building storage solutions for clients faster, more efficiently, and at a much higher scale. It also permits cost-effective datacenter and services.
  • Storage provisioning has been accelerated and simplified, so clients get the capacity they need, when they need it, and at the right price.

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Calligo Boosts Data Privacy in the Cloud to Comply With Tough New Regulations

Calligo offers a cloud service platform for enterprise-grade data privacy and security to mid-sized companies. Trusted by business with data security guarantees and high application performance, they have relied on Lenovo for many years.

Business Challenges

  • Surging business demand to comply with geographical data protection regulations (GDPR) and securing data on the cloud.
  • Cloud adoption has fed concerns about data privacy, security and residency. Enterprises want certainty about the location of their data.
  • Enterprises require application performance guarantees, flexible cloud services, and at the best possible price.

The Enabling Solution

Calligo used Lenovo’s ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack to enable GDPR compliance and meet client demand for highly-available and scalable Microsoft application services.

Business Benefits

  • Companies serving the EU region can benefit from Microsoft Azure services and the cost advantage of the cloud, yet comply with the GDPR.
  • Calligo is now able to ensure data protection in every aspect of its cloud services operation with Lenovo ThinkAgile Azure Stack as the foundation.
  • Lenovo’s server management tools and services help Calligo accelerate time-to-value, aiding application performance guarantees for cloud services at a lower cost than many traditional cloud vendors.

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"By running Microsoft Azure Stack on Lenovo hardware in our own jurisdictions, we can deliver the Azure services that clients want, with the peace of mind of having their data reside within the correct EU zone."

Julian Box, Founder and CEO, Calligo

ITPS Empowers Clients’ Businesses With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Lenovo

IT Professional Services (ITPS) is a UK-based IT services provider serving about 500 clients. With a customer service focus and an understanding of the benefits of cloud solutions, they grew their service portfolio by being an early adopter of the Microsoft Azure Stack.

Business Challenges

  • Customers demand greater flexibility, improved resiliency, and higher availability.
  • Customers choose to cut CAPEX, by moving their software costs and data center requirements to the subscription model.
  • Unpredictable business life-cycles have made the service-model desirable, but smaller companies find it daunting to deal with a non-local cloud provider.

The Enabling Solution

As one of the first providers of Azure Stack in the UK, ITPS was able to give existing clients greater confidence in a world of changing IT by using Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack solution—a pre-integrated, software-defined, hybrid cloud solution fully certified by Microsoft and equipped with high-performance Intel Xeon E5 processors.

Business Benefits

  • ITPS can improve flexibility, resiliency, and availability by running Microsoft Azure Stack in their data center. This enables them to offer personal support to clients.
  • Customers can be offered the convenience of powering their business with the cloud services they seek, from the data center of a service provider they already know.
  • ITPS has its Lenovo ThinkAgile solution ready to deliver Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. These are identical to the Azure public cloud, yet offer the security and flexibility of a local data center.

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"It’s a best-of-both worlds situation for our clients—they get all the tools, flexibility and convenience of Azure services, backed up by ITPS service level agreements and support. We’ve already had a ton of interest from clients. Supported by Lenovo and Microsoft, we know we’ve got what it takes to make our global expansion ambitions a reality."

Paul Anderson, Operations Director, IT Professional Services, UK

Lenovo’s ThinkAgile platform is designed to provide the ease and speed of public cloud with the control of on-premises IT. Azure Stack enables consistent cloud services across the private cloud within organisations, hosted public clouds provided by service providers, and the Azure public cloud provided by Microsoft. As a co-engineered solution, customers can be confident that the solution components perform seamlessly, meaning IT can now focus more on building proficiencies in deploying and operating cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and less on infrastructure – improving productivity and innovation.

ThinkAgile offerings are configured to be ordered as a single solution based on the use case and scale. These solutions are built for rapid Deployment, installation and provisioning.

More information about Azure Stack’s newest features in its third TP and purchasing options are available via Microsoft’s announcement. Click here for more information on Lenovo ThinkAgile for Microsoft Azure Stack.

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