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Empowering Intelligent Transformation: Lenovo HCI Changes Beam Suntory Forever

Lenovo’s hyperconverged infrastructure keeps Beam Suntory’s distillery flowing

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Headquartered in Chicago, Bean Suntory owns over 70 premium spirit brands from whiskey and rum, to vodka, cognac, tequila, and gin. It has over 4,000 employees spread across 47 offices and 27 plants, and generates $4 billion in annual revenues.

But that revenue was in danger.

The company’s production software, Wonderware, which controls embedded systems driving almost every critical production process, was underpinned by ageing hardware. If it failed, production would come to a grinding—and expensive—halt.

“Distillation is a 24/7 process, so it’s absolutely crucial that Wonderware is able to run uninterrupted around the clock. Every hour of downtime results in lost production, which can amount to millions of dollars in losses,” says Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory.

To ensure Wonderware never failed, Beam Suntory implemented two Lenovo HX3310 hyperconverged clusters integrated with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software at one of its highest-volume distilleries. The results were instant and outstanding.

Some of the reasons Beam Suntory loves Lenovo’s HCI solution:

  • It’s Reliable
    “With the Lenovo solution in place, I can sleep soundly at night! My team and I are glad to have such a rock-solid solution to run our most mission-critical systems,” says Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory.
  • It Demonstrates True Ownership
    Lenovo’s team went above and beyond, and ensured its HCI solution was tested and certified by Wonderware at no additional cost.
  • It Lowers Management Complexity and Cost
    Beam Suntory expects a 25-35% cost benefit from lower support and maintenance efforts, and a 50% reduction in power usage.
  • It’s Easy to Deploy
    “The implementation went very smoothly and, because the Nutanix software came preloaded on the Lenovo hardware, we were able to get the solution up and running very quickly,” says Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory.

"We’ve been so impressed with the Lenovo-Nutanix solution that we’re now in the process of rolling out the Lenovo HX Series across other locations worldwide. We’re also rolling out additional Lenovo HX3310 converged appliances with VMware for a simplified and virtualized back-office solution. "

Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory
Lenovo’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Brings Stability to Beam SuntoryDownload Case Study

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