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Download IDC Infobrief on “Cloud in a Box”

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Download IDC Infobrief on “Cloud in a Box”

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While many organizations have acknowledged the importance of digitally transforming their businesses and processes to deliver speed and agility, most are just starting their cloud journey.

Cloud-in-a-Box delivers an enterprise cloud platform with a mix of on- and off-premises private cloud and public cloud, with orchestration between them. This will provide the organization with the ability to avoid vendor lock-in, find the optimal cloud services for a particular business or technical need, and increase redundancy.

This IDC InfoBrief looks at the business drivers and concerns, the state of cloud investments today, and why it makes sense to relook at your cloud strategy.

Download IDC Infobrief on “Cloud-in-a-Box” to understand:

  • How you can deliver the different functions of a data center and meet business requirements by deploying a “Cloud-in-a-Box.”
  • Understand how industries such as financial services, manufacturing and healthcare can benefit from “Cloud-in-a-Box” technology.
  • Self-discovery questions and focus areas that every organization needs to go through for successful cloud deployment.

Sneak Peek to IDC’s Infobrief on “Cloud-in-a-Box”

Over the next 24 months, enterprises will see a shift in IT operations spend from legacy on-premises to a cloud infrastructure and platform, with increasing use of cloud native technology.

Against the backdrop of rising infrastructure complexities and costs, enterprises are struggling to get the desired benefits from their cloud investments which are essentially – simplifying IT, gaining business agility, and ensuring security to meet compliance requirements. This IDC InfoBrief looks at the business drivers and concerns, the state of cloud investments today, and why it makes sense to relook at their cloud strategy.

We throw the spotlight on “cloud in a box”:

  • Reasons for the choice of cloud deployment
  • Concept of cloud in a box
  • Concerns around cloud deployment
  • How cloud in a box addresses the needs and concerns of organizations in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), manufacturing and healthcare

Are you ready to bring your business out of the box and into the cloud?

The trend toward cloud native technology

By 2021, over 65% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms — a transition supported by investments to manage resources across platforms — with more than one-third of these organizations having established mechanisms to operate their multi cloud environments.

By 2021, 20% of enterprises will reorganize to separate support for SaaS solutions from development and delivery of custom applications, which will primarily use cloud-native technology.

Source: According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2018 Predictions – APeJ Implications