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Get the Lenovo Advantage to Reap the Benefits of Digital Transformation With SAP HANA

It is time to enable your enterprise with simple, seamless and scalable architecture for SAP HANA.

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To develop successful strategies in today’s challenging environment organisations require quick access to critical enterprise insights enabled by SAP HANA and Lenovo. Since data continues to explode, technology solutions must scale easily, manage huge volumes efficiently and operate reliably. At the same time, IT infrastructure must enable better application performance. These are complex demands.

SAP HANA and Lenovo bring critical transformations to an organisation’s IT. SAP HANA simplifies IT delivery processes, solves performance issues, improves business processes, and positively influences user experience. To maximise the potential impact, it needs to be paired with a software-defined data centre (SDDC).

For years, SAP and Lenovo have enabled several innovative solution offerings powering the digital economy. Lenovo is a market leader in hardware systems for SAP HANA, offering the highest performance and reliability. Here is how Lenovo can prepare your organisation for SAP HANA with a software-defined data centre.

  • Based on SAP Certified Lenovo System x - X6
    Lenovo offers multiple solutions and takes a building block approach for SAP HANA configurations, using the X6 family of mission-critical servers. Hardware systems for HANA are certified by SAP and Lenovo holds the largest portfolio of SAP certified solutions for HANA based on X6 generation. Besides, the Lenovo System x platform is a reference architecture for SAP itself. While similar hardware components are used by most vendors in their respective systems for HANA, there are fundamental differences between Lenovo’s architecture and other vendor offerings.

    Lenovo’s servers are the only SAP-certified hardware available that have been built around the IBM Spectrum Scale file system, which gives it a unique edge in both cost and performance. Besides, it’s the only vendor to use open source Linux features like Bcache and supports HCI-like architecture for both single node and scale-out systems, which add to the performance. The company has gained distinctive, leading-edge cluster technology, along with one of the industry’s most experienced SAP HANA development and support organizations.
  • Performance, Scalability and Reliability
    Lenovo’s latest X6 server models, which use the 22 & 24-core Intel Broadwell-EX v4 processor, give a further boost to its industry-leading performance. SAP-certified benchmark results have shown as much as a 33 percent boost in performance and I/O throughput for this new generation of System x servers. Lenovo platform designs also ensure higher availability system monitoring and correction features such as automated processor failover, automated memory page sorting, automated firmware backup, and advanced transaction recovery.

"SAP relies on Lenovo servers to power its internal HANA deployment. Besides, Lenovo infrastructure powers SAP’s HANA on Cloud service."

Lenovo's System x services have been ranked No.1 in Reliability for x86-based systems by the ITIC Global Server Hardware Reliability Report 2016-2017
The largest SAP HANA system in the world with 100TH on memory runs on Lenovo.

  • Offers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the Market
    Three-year cost of ownership of SAP HANA and Lenovo solutions are the lowest in the industry for both scale-up and scale-out solutions. Lenovo’s scale-up 8-socket, 8 TB solution is estimated to cost 31 percent less than comparable systems from Cisco and HPE. Similarly, for 4-to 16-node clusters of 4-processor servers with up to 2 TB of RAM, the cost of Lenovo’s System x solutions are 16 percent less than comparable Cisco offerings and 24 percent less than HPE offerings. Almost by any measure, Lenovo offers the lowest TCO in the market compared to any SAP certified HANA hardware vendor.
  • No External Storage Necessary
    The Lenovo System x solution for HANA is certified by SAP for up to 94-node scale-out configurations offering 376 TB of RAM, which is the largest among scale-out vendors. Since Lenovo systems use the IBM Spectrum Scale file system and Linux open source features like Bcache, it does away with the need for expensive and complex external storage. This not only improves performance, but also reduces the cost and complexity involved in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure. Lenovo is the only vendor to offer this type of shared-nothing architecture for HANA scale up or scale-out deployments.
  • Seamlessly Upgradeable Infrastructure
    The legacy System x collaboration between IBM, Intel and Lenovo also brings to bear server firmware and hardware design features that continue to support unique flexibility advantages for server component upgrades and replacement, both in terms of physical access that does not require rack disassembly, and extensive socket replacement or bus and power infrastructure considerations. Lenovo’s X6 modular design concept has the ability to swap out compute books as memory or processor generations change, thus making the systems seamlessly upgradable.
  • Available in TDI or Appliance
    The widely used and SAP supported deployment types for HANA are appliances and TDI (Tailored Datacenter Integration). In appliances, hardware and software are pre-validated, pre-certified, & pre-integrated, in a fully managed and dedicated environment with predictable performance and an integrated support model. TDI, on the other hand, enables existing datacenter components such as storage and networks to be reused. However, as TDI is a customizable solution, it brings in its own set of complexities like solution design, performance, and support.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    The Lenovo Converged HX Series Appliances are designed to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and accelerate time to value. These appliances combine hyperconvergence software from Nutanix with Lenovo enterprise platforms and deliver the most feature-rich hyperconverged infrastructure by bringing the benefits of web-scale technologies to enterprise applications through data protection, infrastructure resilience, management and analytics, and security. The combination of HANA on Lenovo X6 appliances and SAP application stack on HX is a 100 percent HCI environment, which is exactly the way the industry is moving towards.
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