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Revolutionise Storage Economics With Software-Defined Storage

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Get Flexible, Scale-Out Storage for Massive Data Growth

As data becomes the underpinning of digital transformation, unconstrained growth burdened with constrained budgets has created a demand for a new approach to storage. On the other end of the spectrum, emerging workloads, such as business intelligence and analytics, have altered the way digital content is accessed.

Software-defined storage helps to remove the constraints of the physical system putting you in the driver’s seat of how your storage resources can be viewed, utilised and managed more simply and efficiently.

In fact, Lenovo’s fully integrated SDS appliances quickly and cost-efficiently deliver a high performance storage infrastructure for critical applications.

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  • Enterprise-grade storage solutions for on-premise, private and hybrid clouds
  • Methods to combat data growth, complex architectures and a confusing vendor landscape
  • The right storage fit for your business application, irrespective of the complexity of the workload

Get Flexible, Scale-Out Storage for Massive Data Growth

Unleash the Potential of a Software-Defined Storage Ecosystem

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