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IDC: New Digital Transformation Trends—and How Lenovo’s Software-Defined Infrastructure Addresses Digital Disruption

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By 2027, a full 75% of the S&P 500 will be replaced.

This is the challenge facing organisations that are unable embrace to the disruptions created by 3rd Platform technologies, such as mobile, big/data analytics, social, AI/cognitive, and the Internet of Things.

For organisations to survive—and then thrive—in the future, they “must evolve the business to the point where they act like “digital native” enterprises to compete effectively and avoid being disrupted,” according to Intelligent Infrastructure: Powering the Transformation of Digital Enterprises.

Key to becoming a digital native is leveraging modern, intelligent, predictive and self-healing infrastructure that provides highly agile, flexible, and reliable infrastructure services to meet the scalability and performance requirements of the business.

This is what Lenovo’s software-defined infrastructure, including the ThinkAgile HX Series, ThinkAgile VX Series, and ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack, provides.

Download IDC’s Intelligent Infrastructure: Powering the Transformation of Digital Enterprises, to find out:

  • The impact of digital disruption by 2020
  • 5 traits of digital native enterprises
  • 6 characteristics of infrastructure that can handle digital disruption
  • The secret to mastering digital transformation from an infrastructure perspective
  • Why enterprises need an intelligent core

What Lenovo Software-Defined Infrastructure Offers

Simplified Infrastructure Management

"[With Lenovo SDI], it’s very easy to deploy, administer and monitor resources remotely, from anywhere in the world."

Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory

Greater Performance

"We’ve seen a big boost in performance since migrating all our systems [to Lenovo Converged HX3500]. Better still, we’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from clients who have noticed a significant difference in the responsiveness of our services."

Chris Boudreau, Co-owner and CTO, PartnerIT

Lower Overhead Cost


The amount Heartland Jiffy Lube expects to lower its data center operating costs because it has significantly reduced its physical server footprint.

World-Beating Reliability


The latest ITIC server reliability survey ranked Lenovo as the #1 x86 vendor, a position it’s maintained for five-and-half years.

Lower Capital Investment


How much Heartland Jiffy Lube saved by choosing Lenovo Converged HX5500 Appliance over other infrastructure solutions.

Increased Scalability

"With the Lenovo solution (Lenovo Converged HX5510), we can scale compute and storage resources very easily. This means that we can start small and ramp up resources as and when needed."

Yasuhiko Taga, Manager Administrative Section, IS Division, Mutoh

Swift, Seamless Implementations

"With help from the Lenovo team, we were able to complete the implementation [three 2U single-node Lenovo Converged HX5500 appliances] over a single weekend—an impressive feat."

Chidi Alams, Head-IT, Heartland Jiffy Lube