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IT organizations around the world are shifting their resources towards technologies and reporting structures that eliminate datacenter silos and help focus on business-centric rather than infrastructure centric decisions.

This has driven a global shift away from standalone servers, networking, and storage systems in favor of hyperconverged solutions that can be centrally managed with tools that offer new levels of automation. Lenovo and VMware’s partnership helps enterprises address these exact challenges.

Lenovo Ready Nodes for VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) are complete ThinkSystem servers that have been certified to support vSAN and VCF.

Using Lenovo Ready Nodes for VMware vSAN as the building blocks for a hyperconverged deployment provide enterprises with greater productivity, improved operational efficiency, reduced capex and much more. It also allows enterprises to design and build a hyperconverged infrastructure that fits their business needs.

Lenovo’s VMware vSAN-based hyperconverged solutions ensure that enterprises can:

  • Reduce TCO by 40 percent
  • Improve IT staff productivity by 45 percent
  • Increase operational efficiency 43 percent
  • Reduce capital spending by 34 percent
  • Enhance resource utilization and backup/recovery by 34 percent
  • Boost datacentre consolidation by 29 percent

(Source: IDC Infographics for Lenovo)

Download the IDC whitepaper and gain in-depth knowledge about how Lenovo helps customers drive real-world benefits with its portfolio of VMware-based hyperconverged solutions.