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Deploy an Efficient and Consolidated HPC Infrastructure That Meets Evolving Challenges

HPC plays an increasingly critical role in facilitating complex data-driven research and improving analytics. Differentiate your organization, drive research and enable innovation at any scale with Lenovo HPC solutions.

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Performance and responsiveness matter. In today’s world, demand for high-performance computing (HPC) is rapidly escalating. Data-driven fields like bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and genomic biology need the capacity to tackle mountains of data and perform billions of operations per second.

From improving risk analysis to accelerating research initiatives and managing heavy workloads, these tasks are crucial to success in the ultra-competitive world. They’re also data-intensive, pushing the limits of high-performance computing and requiring solutions that are up to the challenge.

Lenovo’s HPC and AI solutions are designed to improve infrastructure performance to meet stringent computing and significant data needs. Lenovo partners with academic and scientific researchers at institutions to understand their unique needs, then leverage our broad range of HPC solutions to help them solve the world’s most significant problems.

"$47B estimated revenues from cognitive systems and artificial intelligence in 2020 – from $8B in 2016."

Source: IDC

Choose Lenovo as Your Artificial Intelligence Partner

For enterprises keen to expand their artificial intelligence footprint, selecting the right partner is crucial. From traditional computing to the densest workloads, Lenovo’s HPC portfolio has a solution for every data center challenge.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    Lenovo’s innovative warm-water cooling technology lowers TCO, resulting in superior ROI from HPC deployments.
  • Innovative Partner
    Our team of HPC specialists work closely with organizations to drive AI leadership. Lenovo’s HPC Innovation Centers in Stuttgart and Beijing help maximize ROI, with three AI Innovation Centers opening later this year.
  • High Performance & Increased Manageability
    Our team of performance and application experts, and services professionals help extract the most performance out of your investments. The Intelligent Cluster Orchestrator makes it easy to deploy, launch and manage enterprise-level HPC and AI systems and workloads.
  • Modular Experience
    Our modular approach protects existing enterprise technology investments and lowers capital expenditure. The Intelligent Cluster is factory-integrated and tested, which cuts down deployment time and risk.
  • Market Leader
    Lenovo has the second largest share of the HPC market at 18%. And it is also the fastest growing HPC provider in the world (17% growth), according to IDC.
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The adoption rate of AI in Asia-Pacific on this scale

Lenovo has helped the world’s premier R&D teams and institutions leverage HPC tackle global challenges. For instance, the University of Birmingham’s data center, which was designed in the 1960s, has limited air cooling capacity. Lenovo co-developed a cooling technology that’s expected to cut cooling-energy costs by up to 83% and permit substantially denser server configurations. Lenovo’s innovative water-cooling system not only increased the air-cooling capacity dramatically, but enabled more compute when required.

Lenovo’s HPC solutions portfolio makes it easy to deploy an efficient, consolidated HPC infrastructure that meets evolving challenges and delivers the performance that users demand in data-driven worlds like academic research. Lenovo’s market-ready solutions, comprising powerful servers, storage and high-speed fabric with the latest Intel®processors, are equipped to handle data-intensive workloads to drive breakthroughs faster.

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