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The Essential Guide to SAP HANA

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SAP HANA brings with it some critical transformations to an organisation’s IT. It simplifies IT delivery processes, solves performance issues, improves business processes, and positively influences user experience. To maximise the potential impact on your organisation, it needs to be paired with a software-defined data center (SDDC). This premium guide will help you prepare your organisation for SAP HANA with a software-defined data center.

A Buyer’s Guide to SAP HANA Hardware

  • Benefits of in-memory data platforms and how to make a business case for SAP HANA
  • The infrastructure requirements and the challenges associated with implementation
  • Four key requirements to accurately size the infrastructure for implementation
  • What comprises a software-defined data center, and whether your organisation is ready for it

Sneak Peek into “The Essential Guide to High Performance and Scalable Infrastructure for SAP HANA.”

SAP HANA is a distributed in-memory data platform that supports real-time analytics and extreme transaction volumes while providing organizations with speed, agility, and new insights.

Challenges of IT Decision Makers

It is of critical importance for buyers to make the right infrastructure choice while keeping an eye on costs at the same time.

Infrastructure sizing: In an analytics implementation, it is critical that the infrastructure sizing is done correctly as the license fee is based on per GB of memory used in the hardware appliance. If the appliance is too big, buyers will end up paying extra for hardware and software, thus pushing up costs. And an appliance that’s too small may not meet the requirements, thus hampering the performance.

Download the eBook to understand the hardware architecture and design requirements, how to reduce costs to host the infrastructure and choosing the right migration strategy.