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How a Future-Defined Data Center Can Enhance Responsiveness and Promote Sustained Business Growth

Today’s data centers need to deliver thoughtful innovation and design flexibility that help your organisation capitalize on whatever tomorrow brings.

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This is a time of ever-rising expectations for businesses; of the imperative for continuous growth and meeting the needs of customers and the workforce; of the shift to more demanding workloads and the need for greater, faster insights. These are demands that only change can answer. And change forces a critical decision: Embrace innovative opportunities—or get left behind.

Download the Guide to the Future-defined Data Center to Understand:

  • Four considerations to realise the benefits of far-thinking innovation
  • New hardware with simplified management that is the embodiment of purpose-driven innovation
  • Software-defined infrastructure that combines the speed and agility of cloud with the control of on-premises IT
  • How to end the experimentation of deciding the right software and hardware combination
A Future-Defined Data Center to Promote Sustained Business Growth

Sneak Peek into “The Future-Defined Data Center and the Pursuit of Better”

Change requires a future-defined data center with a new approach, new thinking and new technologies that deliver the capabilities you need, when you need them, at a cost that makes sense. And because technology is ever advancing, you also need the flexibility to be sure that what you choose today can take you into the future.

The Future-Defined Data Center:

  • Excels now and is ready for what’s next
  • Is built with open, modular technologies to scale and adapt easily
  • Is designed to integrate easily
  • Handles workloads faster and more reliably

Enterprise Simplicity – Simplified, unified management—via modernised infrastructure and automated control—delivers extreme performance and reliability, while reducing the burden on administrators.

Software-Defined Agility – Using the most effective mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructures, applications and resources are distributed across the data center environment (compute, storage and network resources) on demand and with new efficiency.

High-Performance Computing – Purpose-built, ultra-dense data center technologies provide the performance required for the intensive demands of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Hyperscale Growth – You can achieve maximum scalability with fully customised data center capabilities designed to your exact specifications, which is enabled by a broad portfolio, a world-class supply chain and comprehensive services.

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