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Software-Defined Infrastructure

Unleash Business Agility With Hybrid Cloud

With “cloud first” becoming a common approach of choice in the Asia/Pacific region, how should IT heads respond? IDC’s essential guide to software-defined infrastructure powered by hybrid cloud will help you discover the latest developments and the key factors for consideration to ensure cloud success.
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Software-Defined Infrastructure

Meet Changing Business Models With HCI

Digital transformation is driving the need for a more immersive IT. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) helps you get started on this journey by getting away from legacy and building a more shared and automated environment almost mirroring the benefits of cloud.
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Get Flexible, Scale-Out Storage for Massive Data Growth With Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Software-defined storage (SDS) can give customers a comprehensive array of out-of-the-box features and capabilities, and enable efficient use of storage resources.

Get Agile, Flexible and Efficient Hybrid Cloud Solutions With Microsoft Azure Stack and Lenovo

Lenovo’s solutions-led approach helps enterprises move beyond foundational gains of efficiency and productivity and unlock high-value digital business benefits such as faster innovation and increased customer engagement.

Drive up Revenue, Profitability and Customer Experience With Lenovo HCI

Find out how Lenovo’s hyperconverged solutions have helped businesses improve key business metrics and customer experience—and meet customer demand—while lowering costs and business downtime.

Fuelling Business Innovation with the Right Storage Strategy

Making the right choice at the right time is important to maximise the value from current as well as future storage investments.

Hybrid Cloud: Combining the Best of Both Public and Private Clouds

A hybrid cloud strategy pools the benefits of both private and public clouds—and excludes their disadvantages.

How to Make the Jump to “Future-Proof” Storage

Find out how companies like Lenovo are helping IT leaders architect the storage strategy for digital business – today and going forward.

How to Bring Calm to the IT Chaos with Hyperconvergence

Discover a solution that is strong in integration, and offers robust centralised control with automation and intelligence built in.

Realising the Promise of Hybrid Cloud

Find out how Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack takes the complexity out of the hybrid cloud environment.

IDC’s Guide to Enterprise Storage Solution With Software-Defined Storage

There are many ways to look at the impact of digital transformation on IT, but prime among them is the ability to build more agile IT.

The Essential Guide to Microsoft Azure Stack – The Future of Hybrid IT is Now

The question for most businesses is not whether to use cloud-based technology, but instead how to make the transition, just like the movement to virtualization a decade ago.