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Here at the Lenovo Data Center Group, we’re excited to bring change and new opportunities for Suncorp in the era of transformation.

The enterprise environment is transforming. Your customers and stakeholders’ expectations are rising. To keep up, you need a data center that not only provides more insights and efficiencies today, but also helps you capitalise on tomorrow’s opportunities.

Two technologies driving the push towards software-defined data centers, are Hyperconverged Infrastructure and In-Memory Analytics with SAP HANA. Find out how a data center defined by the future, is used to enable intelligent IT.

Download this exclusive Recommended Data Center Solutions brief

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How can you enable Intelligent IT?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Prepare your organisation’s data center for the cloud era. Run any workload, at any scale with Hyperconvergence.

In-Memory Analytics with SAP HANA

Accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment with SAP HANA.