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The Essential Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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According to IDC, by 2018, company investments in IoT and cognitive-based operational sensing and situational awareness will yield a 30% improvement in critical process cycle times. Digital transformation is driving the need for a more immersive IT. Changing business models are changing IT requirements. The journey starts by getting away from legacy and building a more shared and automated environment, hyperconverged infrastructure – almost mirroring the benefits of cloud.

Download IDC’s InfoBrief to understand how with Hyperconverged Infrastructure you can:

  • Get faster and better answers to agile data exploitation
  • Quickly access IT resources by delivering compute/store/connect on demand
  • Push the envelope on scale, availability and instant deployment to the next level

Sneak Peek into IDC’s Essential Guidance on “Hyperconverged: The Next Computing Model for Digital Transformation (DX) Success.”

Agility Depends On Having Access To Resources When Required

Traditionally servers were built-to-task and tied tightly to the application they host. The mindset was more towards dedicated resources for each application as scale-up was the natural intent. However, with virtualisation the notion of hyperconverged infrastructure became popular, and the applications tended to be built more on a scale-out premise. Enterprises started to look at provisioning in weeks and days rather than months, and provisioning and automation software took center stage in agile deployment.

Three Areas That Will Drive Hyperconverged Infrastructure Adoption:

  • Hybrid cloud and cloud infrastructure investments from enterprise and cloud service providers
  • Edge infrastructure requiring rapid compute and storage scalability
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions that will benefit from the tightly coupled and integrated server-storage- software defined management software in hyperconverged systems

The outlook for hyperconverged systems looks promising through 2020. IDC expects more general purpose servers to be replaced during refresh cycles over the next few years.